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Nanyuki lies on the North Western slopes of Mt. Kenya. It is right on the equator with a spectacular view of the snowcapped peaks and the Laikipia plains. In addition to its multicultural market, the town’s growth is known to have been influenced by the early British settlers who still live in the farms and ranches.
As a base for adventurous climbing of Mt. Kenya, the Laikipia plateau also serves as a gateway to one of Africa’s most important wildlife conservation areas. It is probably the most cosmopolitan town outside Nairobi with its share of international tourists to climb Mt. Kenya or visit the myriad safari parks.

Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain makes it a very important tourist destination. Here glaciers carve out of the throne of Ngai, the old high god of the Kikuyu community. Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kenya National park have the rare honor of being both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a UNESCO Biosphere reserve.